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Coworking spaces are an up-and-coming trend in the business world. They offer a unique and affordable opportunity for professionals to work in a dynamic environment with other like-minded individuals, without the heavy commitment or overheads that come with renting an office.

And, if we had to name one hidden benefit of coworking spaces, it’s how they create opportunities where you least expect it.

When you look around a shared space, for example, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a networking hub just waiting to happen, as your new acquaintances turn into professional connections, clients or even referrals. Before you know it, you’re collaborating, mentoring, and more.

In this article, the team at The Bower explore how coworking spaces are fast becoming the new social networking clubs of the business world.

Increased Connections

By working in close proximity to other professionals, members of coworking spaces can build strong relationships that can lead to new business opportunities. Not everyone has to be a client, after all. You can meet those in up and coming enterprises that have offerings to complement your own, or services that could improve how you operate, or simply know of others who could benefit from your help. At the very least, it can be nice to interact with others in a similar position for advice, guidance and support.

In addition, many coworking spaces host regular events such as workshops and social gatherings, which provide additional opportunities to meet new people and build relationships.

Opportunities to Pool Resources & Skillsets

Is a particular subscription fee getting too heavy to shoulder alone? Have you noticed someone nearby struggling with a problem you can fix, or are struggling with a problem yourself, wishing an expert would walk by and offer to fix it? When you work in a shared space, you can easily collaborate with others on projects or tap into their expertise when needed. This type of collaboration can be extremely helpful in developing new skills and knowledge, as well as expanding your professional network.

Networking Is Instant

While it is always nice to organically meet someone who can benefit your business, traditional networking can be so laborious, filled with delays and administrative tasks, such as sending emails, calendar invites and so on. Through coworking, you are instantly set in an environment, every day, filled with a rotating door of potential partners and clients. And if you need someone to just sit and work, then you can opt for a more private, flexible office space until you’re ready to re-join the others.

Get Inside the Coworking Bubble

It’s in the nature of coworking spaces to bring people together in an authentic way. That’s why they have grown in popularity among freelancers, business owners, and start-ups. As they say, “Your network is your net worth.”

Getting started in coworking in Brisbane doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated. Let The Bower take care of you and your needs. Call us at (07) 3394 8244 or send an enquiry today.