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Are you a business owner or freelancer operating in the Brisbane area and looking for a new workspace? 

With so many options to choose from, as well as climbing rental prices and restrictive lease agreements, it can take time to find the right fit for your business. Luckily, a shared office space can offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes, offering a hybrid working arrangement that allows you to pay for the space you need, only when you need it. 

In this article, our team at The Bower take a look at what you need to consider when choosing the right shared office space in Brisbane.

Why Should You Consider Operating within a Brisbane Coworking Space?

Before we dive into the considerations, let’s take a moment to discuss the benefits of working in a shared office or coworking space:

Renting flexibility

Without long-term lease agreements, coworking spaces provide adaptable arrangements that enable tenants to rent a workspace for a duration that suits their needs.

Reduced operational expenses

Leasing a long-term traditional office space can be financially burdensome, particularly for small businesses or freelancers who do not require a significant amount of room. Serviced offices offer a more flexible and cost-effective alternative, allowing tenants to pay solely for the space they require, with all technology, furniture and amenities included.


Coworking spaces draw a diverse group of professionals from various fields, creating an active and supportive community. Many spaces also hold events and workshops, presenting a great opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and potentially expand one’s client or partner base.

Improve productivity & output

Operating in a professional environment can do wonders for output. Coworking spaces provide high-speed and dependable internet connectivity, along with amenities like printing and scanning services, conference rooms, and other business-related resources. These provisions facilitate efficient work without incurring the expense of acquiring costly equipment or technology.

Private workspaces and shared offices available

Shared spaces are ideal for individuals who desire a sense of community and networking advantages. Private spaces, however, may be preferable for companies that require greater privacy or need to hold confidential meetings, such as in conference rooms.

Considerations to Make When Selecting Serviced Offices in Brisbane

Now that we’ve covered the benefits, let’s take a look at some of the key factors you need to consider when choosing a shared office space in Brisbane.

Where is the Shared Office Space Located?

Location is key when it comes to choosing a shared office space. Ideally, you want to be in a central location easily accessible to your clients, partners and employees. Look for spaces that are located near public transport links or have onsite parking available, preferably in the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD). It won’t hurt if there are a few restaurants or coffee shops to choose from nearby, too!

Is This Coworking Space Affordable in Brisbane?

Every business owner knows the importance of managing their budgets, making the price of serviced offices in Brisbane another essential factor to consider. Take a look at the different packages and service options available and determine what will work best for your resources available. Keep in mind that some shared office spaces may offer ongoing membership costs that involve various services bundled together, while others work with more flexible pricing options.

Are Additional Facilities Available, Such as Conference Room Hire?

Think about what additional facilities you may need to conduct your daily operations in your shared office space in Brisbane. 

Do you require access to conference rooms, training facilities, or a break-out kitchen area? Whether you’re a one-person operation or have a team with dozens of people, be sure that your coworking space can accommodate all your requirements.

What is the Operating Rhythm Like Throughout the Shared Office?

Consider the working rhythm of the shared office space. Is it a buzzing environment with lots of activity, or is it a quieter space that allows you to focus on your work? Neither is especially good or bad, but each team will have preferred conditions conducive to its best output.

Determine what will work best for you and your business and find a shared office space that matches.

Are There Virtual Office Services on Offer?

Finally, consider if the shared office space offers virtual office services. This can be a great option if you need a prestigious business address, mail forwarding services, or access to a virtual receptionist, while still operating on a flexible working arrangement (i.e., both remotely and within a physical place of business).

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