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Do you need to impress potential clients? Are you looking for a professional space to hold a series of important meetings with your executive team?

It is common for new businesses and remote organisations to need a physical meeting room, but not so frequently that it justifies leasing an office space filled with them. As such, many companies, small businesses and contractors find great benefit from a meeting room for rent in shared workspaces.

In this article, our team at The Bower have compiled 8 reasons to hire a meeting room.

1. When you need to make a good impression

First impressions count when you’re hosting clients, giving a presentation, or interviewing candidates. You cannot land a vital message as effectively with a disjointed internet connection in a video conference or spread around a cramped table in a local coffee shop.

A professional meeting space sends the message that you’re willing to invest in the task at hand and are serious about your business.

2. When you need to be productive

Sometimes you and your team members need a dedicated space where you can come together and keep everyone accountable. For example, strategy meetings that need presentation aids and accommodating furniture can be found in a meeting room to equip team members better to share and transform their ideas into actionable plans.

3. When you need privacy

Some topics just aren’t meant for public discussion. Whether it’s centred around intellectual property, conflict resolution, or some other private matter, a meeting room is the best option if you need to have a confidential conversation away from other team members or the prying ears of the public.

4. When you need all the features

Need a projector and screen for a presentation? Whiteboard for brainstorming? Flip chart for taking notes? How about a boardroom table with a selection of comfortable chairs? Opting for a meeting room for hire in a shared workspace will enable you to take advantage of the broader amenities and services on offer. This may also include access to private parking, rapid internet connection and great local cafes.

5. When you need to save money

In the past, many upcoming organisations have overshot their needs by booking hotel conference rooms or even needlessly renting an expensive office space. After this, masses of extra space often go underutilised, draining precious financial resources that could be put to better use in growing the wider business.

If you only need a space for a few hours every month or even every week, you may find it far more cost-effective than your current solutions to opt for a meeting room for rent.

6. When you need flexibility

Need to book a meeting room on short notice? No problem! Clients rescheduling, urgent team meetings, relocating from a space no longer available – with flexible meeting & boardroom for hire options, you can reserve a space in minutes and arrive with everything already prepared for your needs.

7. When you’re planning an event

So many businesses in various industries are turning to host events to build the value they offer their existing community and new audiences. Suppose you’re considering hosting a workshop, training seminar, or even simply need a professional setting to record an online presentation. In that case, a meeting room can be the perfect venue to accommodate your specific needs.

8. When do you need a space for a team meeting?

A meeting room for rent can help you to conduct town hall events that bring team members together in a fully equipped space. Whether it is just the leadership team sharing a video link to the wider team, or getting everybody together with comfortable office furniture and presentation materials, a meeting room can prove a highly effective solution to your ongoing schedule.

Features Available with Meeting Rooms for Rent with The Bower

At The Bower, we have a full range of fully-equipped boardroom and meeting rooms for hire, perfect for businesses of all sizes. When you make a reservation, you have access to a range of features and facilities to ensure the event runs smoothly, including:

  • Access to common break-out areas
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • Whiteboards & presentation equipment
  • Coffee, tea & filtered water
  • Complete reception services
  • Secure onsite car parking

Whether you are hosting clients, working with your team, or simply need a change of scenery to get down to business, book in with The Bower today. Please feel encouraged to contact us today.